Thanks to the 62 registered players (plus other participants) who came out to our TFC Summer Championships, and congratulations to all the Champs!  Special thanks to all the people who helped run this event!!  And check out some great videos of the matches, including all the Finals here on our youtube channel (more to be posted soon) :

Below are the results for the top players in each event – wow was there ever a lot of talent in each one!  With 5 provinces, multiple US states and multiple countries represented, this was probably the most difficult Canadian event to ever compete in!

Open Doubles
1st Mario Ariganello (CAN) & Nhu Tran (CAN)
2nd Mario lannuzzi (CAN) & Sean Lee (CAN)
3rd Ahmed Taha (CAN) & Kai Dins (DE)
4th Jake Barnett (CAN) & Jeffrey Schneider (CAN)
5/6th Dan Packer (CAN) & Cam Burrows (CAN)
5/6th Tyson Francis (CAN) & Matt McCrorey (NY)
7/8th Jesse Haw (CAN) & Khalid Abdelfattah (CAN)
7/8th Set Amini (CAN) & Michael Nguyen (CAN)
9/12th Carlo Choi (CAN) & Barry Yiu (CAN)
9/12th Olavo Tavares (CAN) & Duane Menezes (CAN)
9/12th Victor Le (CAN) & Ab Alharbi (SA)
9/12th Nikita Drozd (CAN) & Anthony Desouza (CAN)
13/16th Alfred Lo (CAN) & Tony Gashi (CAN)
13/16th Matheus Orr (CAN) & Clement Fuji Tsang (CAN)
13/16th Danny Truong (CAN) & Jimmy Nguyen (CAN)
13/16th Vanderlei Guiro (CAN) & Robert Pavich (CAN)
17/24th Tanya Alshami (CAN) & Jack Truong (CAN)
17/24th Dennis Huynh (CA) & Titu Pointeau (CAN)
17/24th Steven Dumont (CAN) & Dan Benatar (CAN)
17/24th Duane Stewart (PA) & Michael Pascarella (PA)

Open Singles
1st Mario Ariganello (CAN)
2nd Jimmy Nguyen (CAN)
3rd Tyson Francis (CAN)
4th Jake Barnett (CAN)
5/6th Khalid Abdelfattah (CAN)
5/6th Ab Alharbi (SA)
7/8th Michael Nguyen (CAN)
7/8th Alfred Lo (CAN)
9/12th Cam Burrows (CAN)
9/12th Olavo Tavares (CAN)
9/12th Tony Gashi (CAN)
9/12th Clement Fuji Tang (CAN)
13/16th Nhu Tran (CAN)
13/16th Sean Lee (CAN)
13/16th Dan Packer (CAN)
13/16th Michael Pascarella (PA)
17/24th Hernan Rivera (CR)
17/24th Mario lannuzzi (CAN)
17/24th Ahmed Taha (CAN)
17/24th Victor Le (CAN)
17/24th Matheus Orr (CAN)
17/24th Barry Yiu (CAN)
17/24th Carlo Choi (CAN)
17/24th Duane Menezes (CAN)
25/32nd Dan Benatar (CAN)
25/32nd Nikita Drozd (CAN)
25/32nd Jack Truong (CAN)
25/32nd Edwin Lum (CAN)
25/32nd Duane Stewart (PA)
25/32nd Jeff Tung (CAN)
25/32nd Ryan Snell (CAN)
25/32nd Set Amini (CAN)
33/48th Andrew Packer (CAN)
33/48th Jesse Haw (CAN)
33/48th Steven Dumont (CAN)
33/48th Vanderlei Guiro (CAN)
33/48th Raymond Nguyen (CAN)

Expert Doubles
1st Michael Nguyen (CAN) & Set Amini (CAN)
2nd Anthony Desouza (CAN) & Michael Pascarella (PA)
3rd Clement Fuji Tsang (CAN) & Barry Yiu (CAN)
4th Bucky Nekzai (CAN) & Kai Dins (DE)
5/6th Danny Truong (CAN) & Jimmy Nguyen (CAN)
5/6th Andrew Packer (CAN) & Duane Stewart (PA)
7/8th Johnny Vu (CAN) & Raymond Nguyen (CAN)
7/8th Nikita Drozd (CAN) & Victor Le (CAN)
9/12th Hernan Rivera (CR) & Tanya Alshami (CAN)
9/12th Dan Benatar (CAN) & Steven Dumont (CAN)
9/12th Jeff Tung (CAN) & Ryan Snell (CAN)
9/12th Edwin Lum (CAN) & Matheus Orr (CAN)
13/16th Vanderlei Guirao (CAN) & Elias Orr (CAN)

Expert Singles
1st Alan Kwan (CAN)
2nd Set Amini (CAN)
3rd Bucky Nekzai (CAN)
4th Dan Benatar (CAN)
5/6th Steven Dumont (CAN)
5/6th Tony Pham (ON)
7/8th Hernan Rivera (CR)
7/8th Danny Truong (CAN)
9/12th Titu Pointeau (CAN)
9/12th Barry Yiu (CAN)
9/12th Carlo Choi (CAN)
9/12th Victor Le (CAN)
13/16th Johnny Vu (CAN)
13/16th Nikita Drozd (CAN)
13/16th Adrian Cooper (CAN)
13/16th Matheus Orr (CAN)

Rookie Doubles
1st Elias Orr (CAN) & Adrian Cooper (CAN)
2nd Jack Truong (CAN) & Raymond Nguyen (CAN)
3rd Robert Pavich (CAN) & Vanderlei Guiro (CAN)
4th Kevin Kim (ON) & Johnny Vu (CAN)
5/6th Justin Chan (CAN) & Nikita Drozd (CAN)
5/6th Ryan Snell (CAN) & Edwin Lum (CAN)
7/8th Steven Nguyen (CAN) & Tanya Alshami (CAN)

Rookie Singles
2nd Vanderlei Guiro (CAN)
3rd Kevin Kim (ON)
4th Nikita Drozd (CAN)
5/6th Jack Truong (CAN)
5/6th Robert Pavich (CAN)
7/8th Tanya Alshami (CAN)
7/8th Dennis Huynh (CA)
9/12th Elias Orr (CAN)
13/16th Steven Nguyen (CAN)

Pro AM
1st Clement Fuji Tsang (CAN) & Anthony Desouza (CAN)
2nd Cam Burrows (CAN) & Victor Le (CAN)
3rd Jack Truong (CAN) & Michael Nguyen (CAN)
4th Justin Chan (CAN) & Tony Gashi (CAN)
5/6th Jeff Tung (CAN) & Dan Packer (CAN)
5/6th Johnny Vu (CAN) & Jimmy Nguyen (CAN)
7/8th Ab Alharbi (SA) & Nikita Drozd (CAN)
7/8th Steven Dumont (CAN) & Raymond Nguyen (CAN)
9/12th Duaine Menezes (CAN) & Bucky Nekzai (CAN)
9/12th Ryan Snell (CAN) & Jake Barnett (CAN)
9/12th Set Amini (CAN) & Barry Yiu (CAN)
9/12th Tyson Francis (CAN) & Adrian Cooper (CAN)
13/16th Duane Stewart (PA) & Michael Pascarella (PA)
13/16th Khalid Abdelfattah (CAN) & Tanya Alshami (CAN)
13/16th Steven Nguyen (CAN) & Olavo Tavares (CAN)
13/16th Edwin Lum (CAN) & Kai Dins (DE)
17/24th Ahmed Taha (CAN) & Dan Benatar (CAN)
17/24th Jesse Haw (CAN) & Hernan Rivera (CR)

Open DYP
1st Tyson Francis (CAN) & Sean Lee (CAN)
2nd Mario lannuzzi (CAN) & Michael Nguyen (CAN)
3/4th Hernan Rivera (CR) & Dave Graore (CAN)
3/4th Set Amini (CAN) & Nhu Tran (CAN)
5/8th Dan Benatar (CAN) & Barry Yiu (CAN)
5/8th Ab Alharbi (SA) & Steven Dumont (CAN)
5/8th Jake Barnett (CAN) & Matheus Orr (CAN)
5/8th Jesse Haw (CAN) & Justin Chan (CAN)
9/16th Nikita Drozd (CAN) & Jeff Tung (CAN)
9/16th Dan Packer (CAN) & Anthony Desouza (CAN)
9/16th Khalid Abdelfattah (CAN) & Robert Pavich (CAN)
9/16th Victor Le (CAN) & Tanya Alshami (CAN)
9/16th Vanderlei Guirao (CAN) & Steve Zeoke (CAN)
9/16th Cam Burrows (CAN) & Jack Truong (CAN)
9/16th Ahmed Taha (CAN) & Adrian Cooper (CAN)
9/16th Elias Orr (CAN) & Steven Nguyen (CAN)