I‘m new – what should I do?

Ask questions and arrange your first visit via our Whatsapp Group:

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Our admins will welcome you and answer all of your questions.


What types of memberships do you have?

We are a non-profit organization, and all membership fees are used to pay for our operating costs and any excess is either used to make the club better or given back to our members.

All of our memberships are listed in our GymMaster app, so you will need to sign up to see the options. Create a Free Account, then download the GymMaster app and login to add memberships and book classes to register for our events.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the membership revenue go towards?

TFC is a non-profit entity.  All revenue will go towards our expenses, and any additional amounts will be reinvested into our location and towards promoting foosball.

How does 24/7 access work?

For members with monthly memberships, we are ALWAYS OPEN!  Access is via fob or smartphone app.  Drop-in members can confirm via app that we are open before they visit.

Can I try out the club before purchasing a membership?

Yes, players new to the club can register for the Free Tryout membership, which covers your first visit.

Who is eligible for the Student pass and membership?

Students currently registered in a Canadian College or University are eligible (must show valid ID from the Post-Secondary Institution).

Can I change between membership levels?

Yes, you can change between levels however there may be a minimum months requirement for certain levels.  You can do this easily within the GymMaster app on your phone.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course, if anyone is not fully satisfied with their membership, we will ensure their membership is cancelled (without penalty).  Certain membership levels do require that membership has passed the minimum duration however (typically 3 months).  Simply login to the GymMaster app on your phone where you can cancel or add memberships.

Can I suspend or pause my membership?

Yes, just contact us to arrange this.

How do I register for events?

Members can register and pay for events via the GymMaster app, or online with the member portal.

GymMaster App: Select ‘Book Class’, or via the menu (top left) – Classes.  You can also view the schedule by selecting ‘TFC Session Schedule’, and selecting the event.

Online:  Navigate to the schedule and select the event, or from the Account Page, select Booking – Book A Class.

Are Basic level members automatically charged for additional visits?

After the first monthly visit (which is included), players with Basic memberships must purchase the Member Day Pass ($10) in order to ‘Check In’ and enter the club.  After this visit, they will be automatically charged for the Member Day Pass for subsequent check-ins.  In the App, select Memberships and the + sign to view the Member Day Pass option.

How long is one ‘visit’ valid for?

Each ‘visit’ is valid for 12 consecutive hours.  This means that players who are using the Tryout, Drop-in, or Basic memberships can check in multiple times within 12 hours while only using 1 ‘visit’.  Thus a player who enters the club at 5pm, returns from dinner at 9pm, and leaves the club at 2am is still considered to have used only 1 visit.

I’m ready to sign up.  Where do I register?

Awesome, go to our member portal and click “sign up” !!: https://torontofoosball.gymmasteronline.com/portal


Food & Drink

Do you sell food, drinks or alcohol?

We do not currently sell food, drinks, or alcohol.  We do have a pop vending machine, and free water cooler!

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

Yes, as long as you follow our member rules and regulations, we encourage you to bring your own food and drinks.



Can I leave comfortable shoes or sneakers at the club?

Full members and above will have space for shoe storage – helps keep you comfortable, and the club clean!

Is there anything else to do at Toronto Foos Club?

Yes, we will soon open our lounge which will provide room and seating for dining, relaxing, watching TV, playing retro-arcade and popular board games.



Can I bring guests to play foosball with me?

The free tryout is also intended for guests who will be using the foosball tables, which will also allow them to join events.

Can I bring guests who want to hang out, but aren’t really into foosball?

Full members will be able to purchase non-playing guest passes, and founding members have limited non-playing guest passes included.



Are you taking any steps to reduce the spread of Covid-19?

Yes, TFC will comply with all related regulations and policies.  In addition, we have 2 air purifiers operating 24/7, hand sanitizers and windows we can open when additional ventilation is required.  We also ask that ALL members and guests do NOT visit the club when experiencing any symptoms of highly communicable colds or viruses.